How to get maximum out of your wine experience

There is a common perception that wines which are available with screw caps are not good and people avoid purchasing such wines. Preference is generally given to the cork bottles. However this is just a myth and if you want to save some money and are ready to consume the wine in the same year in which you made the purchase, you should try the screw cap bottles. There are certain benefits which you can enjoy with these bottles. First, these are relatively cheaper because of less demand and these are easier to store in your house. People are usually afraid to try these alcoholic beverages because of the myths which are present in their minds however when you enjoy tuscan wine tours, you find that there are many screw cap wines available in there and people try those wines and enjoy the taste as well as the way these are presented. After such tours, you start consuming these wines because of their lower cost and better taste and freshness.

Tips on memorizing the taste of wines:
When you enjoy wine tours, drink in clubs and restaurants and buy wines for yourself in your house, you are supposed to keep the taste in your mine to become an expert in selecting the right wine all the time. There are two most common tips in this regard and if you follow these tips, you can seriously enjoy the wine along with memorizing the taste for quite a longer period of time.

• Try to keep a track of all the wine labels you have tried. Maintaining a log in this regard is best practice
• Always try Chianti wine tasting (degustazione vino chianti)and keep yourself updated with the new releases.